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The view says everything about Clifton and the lifestyle its residents have enjoyed since settlement occurred in the early 1800's..

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Clifton Main Street
Association Is Here!

The Clifton Main Street Association was established with the goal of offering assistance and coordination with regards to the revitalization of the Clifton Downtown area. The Clifton Main Street Association vision includes the development and promotion of shopping, dining, and other businesses to fulfill the needs of the Clifton, TN community and its visitors.

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Clifton is Growing.  Come Grow with us!

Clifton Main Street also encourages business recruitment and sustainability while embracing and protecting the history, identity and natural resources of Clifton, Tennessee.

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Features of
Clifton, Tennessee

Clifton Main Street encourages business recruitment and sustainability while embracing and protecting the history, identity and natural resources of Clifton, Tennessee.

History of Clifton

Tennessee River offers an abundance of opportunities for all businesses.  Main Street wants to enhance these traits to the advantage of the local Main Street members.

Clifton Downtown Design

Getting downtown in top physical shape with building renovations, streetscape and public space improvements, signage, window displays, etc.

Economic Restructuring

Identifying potential market opportunities, business retention & recruitment, working with small business owners & development of financial assistance & tools.


Building parnerships among various groups who have a stake in Clifton and running a sustainable Main Street program locally.

What's In It For Me

Looking for a perfect space for your new business?  Contact us!  We can help with negotiations and create partnerships.

Planning Support

We are here to help guide the process along the way, to be your eyes and ears, always appealing to overall aesthetic qualities.

Meet our Team.

These are some of the people right here in Clifton who are making a difference, who care about the future of Clifton.  Won't you say hello and thank you when you run into them in town?


Bahrrett Thomas

Founder & CEO


Nathan Fox



Serenity Fisher



Pat Cooper

Business Executive

What's Ahead

Clifton Main Street isn't sitting still.  We are moving forward, not looking back, and we invite you join us at our upcoming events.  Check back here often to see what's next.

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Grab your badges, breakfast, and complimentary coffee drinks from Roseline Coffee.

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